Our history

Conscious of the absence of structured research institutions operating in Central Africa towards the beginning of

Our mission

Our main mission is to create wealth. This goes without saying with the essential challenge of management

Our ambitions

Currently still operational in DR Congo (Democratic Republic of Congo) and RC (Republic of Congo)

Why choose MRA consulting? Because of our phylosophy:

We are slowly building our notoriety through a silent communication policy which consists in providing a work  easy to understand, with the suppression of the too technical words and whose implementation and the appropriation of various recommendations are quite easy.

Discover the problems that punctuate their companies but to which they pay little attention to. Cut in their favor the different scenarios to put in place to better orient and achieve the objectives.

Identify the concepts and criteria that govern their markets to enable them to adapt. Benefit from the professional coaching of their staff in order to update them according to the requirements of the new challenges to be

Some companies, after they have started well, are falling over time. They are simply sick! The causes can be many and varied.

They are either environmental, managerial, random, predictable or accidental. But one thing is clear: these companies can raise their heads and keep dreaming. Because it only takes a little will to get out of the chasm and see the end of the tunnel.

To do this, by trusting MRA Consulting they get a complete marketing diagnosis; Knowledge of the true causes of this disease. Appropriate therapies to regain balance and further raise the head.

Nothing is more degrading than natural contentment or the usual way of doing things, while it is possible to stand out. MRA Consulting brings its partners in a dimension of “doing better”, freeing them from the routine or “doing usually”.

With us, our partners have the assets to: Reinforce their penetration into the real market; To anticipate their possible competitors by receiving the necessary tools to discover the new opportunities; Ensure by, « tracking » and « monitoring », on the dynamics of markets and supporting real business growth over time.

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