Absence of structured research institutions

Aware of the absence of structured research institutions operating in Central Africa in the early 1990s, after having flirted with statistics by participating in the scientific census of the population of Zaire and evolved as Chief Commercial and Statistical Officer in In the marketing and sales department of Coca Cola, Mr Franck KABAMBI could not resist this stirring temptation to create a market research firm.
This cabinet set itself as main objectives: the realization of studies for local companies, as well as the supervision of the academic finalists for the writing of their end-of-cycle work and dissertations, in the field of experimental marketing and statistics.


Launch of the cabinet in Kinshasa

This is how this cabinet was born in Kinshasa, in March 1991.
A stoppage of activities was imposed by the socio-political incidents that led to the looting of businesses and businesses in September 1991. Thus Mr. Franck left the country and went to stay in Congo Brazzaville where he created CEFCAM, the first institution of higher education at Pointe Noire.


RELAUNCHING of MRA activities

After the change of political regime in Zaire in 1997, Mr Franck returned to Kinshasa with the aim of relaunching the activities of MRA in February 1998.


What is MRA Consulting today

Promotion des entreprises

Today, MRA Consulting has become one of the leading marketing and social research agencies in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Congo Brazzaville.

Thanks to a network of investigators trained and mastering the basics of the investigative profession, MRA Consulting has an instant deployment capability throughout the national territory of Congo-Kinshasa and Congo-Brazzaville.

In addition, in order to round off its field of action and maximize its competitiveness, MRA Consulting has enriched its activities by integrating the “sales force”, the “training” and the “media watch”

The mission of MRA Consulting

Our main mission is to create wealth. This goes without saying with the main challenge of management: Maximizing the well-being and the best of the companies.

Promotion des entreprises
Promotion des entreprises

Activate dreams

We activate dreams in business management, because everything is dream, plan and action. Dreams bring hope and fuel ambitions. They are the first fruit of any adventure. They contain everything that exist in terms of ideas. These ideas will have to be selected and evaluated, to retain, in the end, the most feasible and most obvious.

Nourish what exists

Moreover, what already exists must be nurtured to grow, to develop. Thus the order is established : “Dream, plan, act, and grow” or in other words: Produce the ideas, analyze and organize them, realize them and develop them.

Dream, plan and act

Dreaming, planning and acting is the order required for any existence …

What exists was first dreamed of, planned and executed afterwards. To skip this order will produce something transient, hazardous and therefore inconsistent.

Satisfy, Save and Stimulate

This is our main dream for the companies that trust us.

To achieve this, MRA Consulting aligns its approach and its various tasks according to the 3S philosophy, namely: Satisfy, Save and Stimulate.

Currently operational in the DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) and RC (Republic of Congo), we have ambitions of expanding in Central African countries first and the rest of Africa thereafter.
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