It is always required for a beer brand to identify its main challenger and seek to identify the main assets that it presents and that could be opportunities or threats. A study conducted by MRA Consulting in Kinshasa, in the brewing field, had as main objective to highlight the reasons which push the consumers to prefer such mark of beer in place and place of such another.

In its introductory phase devoted to an inventory of this market, this study reveals that 43% of the Chinese population do not consume alcoholic beverages; This means that more than half of this population, 57%, consume the alcoholic beverage and 42% of this group turn out to be beer consumers in general, a proportion shared by two major local breweries, namely: : Bralima and Bracongo.

The duality between the Bracongo and Bralima brands has been developing for many years. As the main breweries in Kinshasa, they have evolved in competitive contexts. Even today, whether you’re a beer lover or not, you can see a certain rivalry between the beer brands produced by each of these breweries.

What’s more normal than we realize the ultimate duel that happens between the Nkoyi beers and Primus, respective brands of Bracongo and Bralima. It turns out that consumers of the Nkoyi prove to be more loyal to their brand, only 20% can agree to alternate with Primus if he ever miss their favorite brand, while 33% of fans of Primus could accept to take Nkoyi instead. The two beers alternate with each other with a difference of 13% in favor of the Nkoyi.

Note, however, that the choice of beer depends on a number of criteria that the consumer attributes to the product. When consumers of Nkoyi take it for intrinsic reasons that is internal and specific to the product, fans of the Primus for their part are motivated by reasons of attachment that are almost emotional.

In addition, not all consumers share the same passion for beer. People over 50 are the ones who show more freedom and independence to drink beer. For the most part with no cumbersome activity or near retirement, getting together around a drink becomes a nice hobby and a way to let off steam. In contrast, people under 30 who are mostly students or students, abstain from beer consumption, certainly due to the restrictions placed on them by seniors.

Paradoxically, young people who consume beer consume quantities of beer that are far more abundant than those consumed by older consumers.

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