The notion of perception is usually based on information which has been produced by our senses,it’s generally based on subjective data. Starting from the cognitive processes which is specific to each individual,we have managed to find out the main element which takes influence on the perception of Kinshasa vis-a-vis to compagnies.
The observations drawn from this study report that the perception of firms is strongly correlated to his notoriety. The most important thing that a compagnie has to do, first of all is to take care of the image they want to show as a realistic potential entrant into a market in the hope of acquiring a certain notoriety.
Note however, that’s not always easy to make oneself known to the public while knowing that the field of activity has an influence on the influx of media. If it’s easier for telecommunication companies for example to make their brand known, the task is not all the more so when you are in construction. Nevertheless the principle remiains obvious: the more the compagny is known, the more it acquires a strong perception.
Even when it comes to careers, this perception has also influenced on young Job seeker from kinshasa: they trust more compagnies that are more talked about. We are forced to note that the job offers that receive the most applications are those from more or less known companies. In fact, young people see interests such as stability, reasonable wages and other attractive professional benifits.
It is therefore a marketing communication work that will have to be maximized at the level of companies to achieve an effective result in this area.

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