Privacy policy

At MRA Consulting, we are dedicated to protecting your privacy when you use our website. Our privacy policy is at the bottom and provides an explanation of how we use your personal information.

The information we recover.

When you are on the website, we can recover some data using certain approved methods. If you share the registration details by filling out a form, we can recover the data.
The location, traffic and data of the network registry can be collected. Every communication on our website or with our staff authorizes us to collect your information.

The use of Cookies.

We may need to gather information from your computer to provide you with better service and experience. These data are purely statistical and in no case we will not share your personal information. Cookies are used to gather general information but you can refuse them if you want. If one of our advertisers uses cookies by clicking on their advertising, we are not responsible for how they will use these cookies.

The use of information.

We collect and use certain user information to improve the quality of our services for several purposes including:

– If information is requested about a product or service
– To inform the user of any change or improvement.
– Regular customers can be contacted to share sales and balance details of merchandise offered.

But if you have problems, you can let us know.

Storage of your personal information.

We may use and store your personal information to track the records, compile your orders and provide you with a support service. We take all necessary steps to secure your data. However, as soon as you leave our site and enter another, we will no longer be responsible for anything.

An important note about the credit card: We do not collect credit card details and we will not share customer details with third parties.

Disclosure of data.

We will not share the data with anyone but if a legal requirement obliges us, we can share the information with the concerned department.

Links with third parties.

We have some third-party links to our website for promotional, linking and other reasons. But our privacy policy does not apply to third party sites. If you click on a link, we strongly recommend that you read the terms first. We are not responsible for their privacy policy.
If you have a concern, a question or a concern about our privacy policy, contact us.