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Executive training

Our different training courses, delivered in the form of seminars, generally revolve around the « decision-making process » or «decision-making tools».
These are tools that truly make it possible to make tangible the managerial work in companies.

Generally in different companies or organizations, the masses of recorded data are growing more and more as a function of time. This data can come from suppliers, customers, quantifiable or encrypted operations, or even the environment in which the company operates.

This amount of data can grow more or less depending on the sector and the growth of the company and if the company does not process it, it is likely to drown (since it is not usable in a better way).

It is clear that these data contain evidence that, when they are extirpated and taken into account, have the power to propel the company and make it take decisions leading to the maximization of its performance.
From the storage of data to extirpation of the evidences they contain, the treatment of data goes through a whole process that can be called: « decision-making process », or the steps to be taken before deciding.

The decision-making process involves storing the data and processing it consistently and simultaneously as it happens.  This is why this process is regarded as a time-bound project,  meaning it accompanies the company as long as it exists.

« Deciding » is nothing else than getting out of the uncertainty, breaking loose from the usual behaviors, solving a problem, seizing an opportunity, making a choice between various possible alternatives. This decision represents the final stage of a cognitive process.

It is therefore a very important and routine act recognized for any manager, as we say:« failing to decide is deciding to fail » . The will to rationalize the decisions of the leaders and to improve the efficiency of the company leads to make a choice on the tools of assistance to the decision making, according to whether it is a strategic decision, a tactical decision or an operational decision.
MRA Consulting helps potential participants to guide and improve their decision-making skills through the various seminars it organizes for them on decision-making.

During its training seminars, MRA Consulting offers a scientific and rational approach that reduces the risk of failing to decide. The seminars have as main objectives to get participants to acquire cognitive skills allowing them to:

  • Master decision-making support tools ;
  • Have a broad understanding and expertise on the interpretation and use of results from the analysis of statistical data ;
  • Share experiences with different participants of others  companies or in other fields of activity;
  • Familiarize themselves with related computer software ;
  • Apply concepts acquired to solve the real problems of their respective companies ;

The prerequisite is the knowledge of the Excel software. No knowledge in mathematics is necessary: ​​everything will be explained without involving the formulae while following  the line of all methods.
To do this, MRA Consulting offers two complementary training packages that will make it easier to assimilate decision-making  support tools.

Paquet 1: management
The enterprise as a socially organized structure supposes that the modalities of decision-making in the enterprise are defined. this action relies, among other things, on information held by decision-makers that enables them to make decisions in line with the objectives pursued by the company.
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Paquet 2 : statistique
Decision matrices involve reducing any decision to a calculation. These methods, which are simply the result of observation theory and game theory, have developed enormously. following principles (of computation), computer software can thus make it possible to arrive at some indications on a decision.
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