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Marketing research

We study and analyze what is very dear to you, namely: your market, the virtual place where your strengths and weaknesses are exposed, your opportunities and your threats, your performance and underperformance … In short, your survival or your disappearance, so  to offer you logic that will help you to not fail to decide, because we say: «Failing to decide is deciding to fail»

MRA is one of the few marketing research agencies in Congo with extensive experience in the field of market research. Thanks to its proven monitoring policy, MRA has been able to provide reliable data to its partners. The studies carried out by MRA in both omnibus and ad hoc are of two different types.

Quantitatives studies

Quantitative studies are the most common market research.  They are carried out in such a way as to investigate a sample of individuals whose universe belongs to the current market or the potential market concerned in order to obtain their opinions on a product, a service, or more generally to know their expectations, their habits, their state of mind at a given moment …

Qualitatives studies

The objective of qualitative studies is to study as precisely as possible the behaviors and motivations of a small group of consumers. The results obtained will not necessarily be extrapolated to the entire population, so there is no notion of formal representation, but it is more about understanding the attitudes and feelings, to confirm or refute a concept or an idea.