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Media watch

Despite the massive influx of social networks, the audiovisual media broadcast by satellite, terrestrial digital, cable or analog networks are essential and strategic sources of information for public authorities, government information services, businesses, communication agencies or even the media themselves.

Media watch is a media monitoring system that concretizes and makes tangible the control of opinions on a predefined topic.
It focuses on the radio and TV media, and their productions are related to news on a specific topic.

The objective of the surveillance of audiovisual media is to extract relevant information for its targets, from content broadcastee on television, radio or from internet IP streaming.
Media monitoring generally follows a number of strategic objectives, including :

  • Control your reputation in the media
  • Identify warning signs
  • Monitor your industry and your competitors
  • Measure the effectiveness of your communication
  • Facilitate censorship on TV and radio

Control your reputation in the media

The media watch service allows you to closely follow what is being said about your institution, your personnel, your company and what is the tone. You can quickly detect negative discussions about your business in the media and social media, and react before they affect the reputation of your institution, your personnel and your business adversely. Every second counts in media crises and you must be able to quickly put out those fires.

Monitoring the media will also help you notice the flaws in the Public Relation of your company, and to develop your communication in a way to receive the desired media coverage.

Identify warning signals

It is increasingly important in the communication to detect different types of signals that can be characterized as silent.

Media monitoring helps to see what topics are discussed in your industry and what are your customers expectations. So you can recognize future trends and stay at the forefront in your field.

Listening to your customers and collecting silent signals is an integral part of business and product development, as well as market targeting.

Monitor your industry and your competitors

Do you know what your competitors do and how they communicate with the outside? Who is the designated  expert in your industry? Who is interviewed by journalists when they want opinions on developments and trends in your field?

In the interest of the development of your operations and your communication it is important to know what types of products and services your competitors propose and what tactics they use to attract the attention of the media. If your competitors are very visible in the media, it means that you must boost your communication as well.

Measure the effectiveness of your communication

Measuring the effectiveness of your communication becomes easier with a media monitoring service. You receive concrete guidance on how your press releases are perceived in the press and the tone of discussions about your business.

As a media monitoring service user, you will receive reports of your own watch tools each morning. This will allow you to track the effectiveness of your communication.

You will also be able to check which forms of communication bring you the most media coverage and develop the operations of your company according to these results.

Facilitating censorship on TV and radio

Helps to censor easily, quickly and with supporting evidence the TV and radio channels that bypass the instructions of the structure in charge of media regulation.