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Sales force

Generally, for mass-consumption products or services, it is rare to observe the practice of one-level distribution or one-level distribution circuit. The most used distribution channels by manufacturing companies are often two and three levels.

Given the complexity involved in the management and supervision of all intermediaries, manufacturing companies focus their efforts only on the most direct intermediaries, mostly wholesalers.

The observation reveals that if wholesalers are these most visible intermediaries in the immediate environment of the manufacturer, since they are the ones who freshly and directly bring back the financial results of the sales operations, the most significant intermediary in any distribution channel will continue to be the retailer, even though he’s not the manufacturer’s most immediate financial partner, he appears to be operating in the closest and most direct environment of the end consumer.

This is enough to convince manufacturing companies of large consumer products or services to practice and develop privileged business relations with this type of intermediaries.
A bridge will have to be thrown between the two as part of the strengthening of the proximity, in order to make effective the communication of the manufacturer to the final consumer and vice versa.

It is with the realization of the existence of this bridge that MRA Consulting has put in place the sales force operations called “RTM” (Retailers Trade Market), scheduled for products or services in various business sectors.

This strategy, which is a medial palliative between push and pull, allows the company to come to the retailer with a “business to business” approach, considering him as a prime customer.

The goal is to identify the expectations of each retailer to develop a long-term personalized relationship with him.

The relationship to be maintained will revolve around assortments, product policies, merchandising, logistical support and promotion.