The study conducted by MRA Consulting reveals that widowhood is growing in Kinshasa. Which is to say that more and more women are facing the sad experience of the death of their husbands.

Initially the man being the head of the family, it was his responsibility to take care of his family. These women therefore enjoyed unfailing support as long as they lived with their husbands. Unfortunately, faced with the harsh reality of death, many women are deprived not only of the love of their husbands, but of all the privileges they enjoyed as wives.

Since almost all the deceased husbands do not leave legalized wills, the widow is obliged to comply with an amicable family consensus, reserving with her children 50% of the property, most of which is real estate, and leaving the rest to his in-laws. This is where the battle of life begins, we see very quickly changes in the lives of these women.

Note, however, a natural feature that includes 66% of widowed women is their spirit of independence. After having passed this test of the loss of the husband, the widow learns to become independent and can no longer count on the support of the latter. She takes the reins of the house and pours herself into an activity that will allow him to ensure his survival and that of his children, or even small children.

We find in this lot widows, nearly ¾ of women, whose age goes beyond 60, who have accumulated a widowhood experience of more than 20 years after the death of their husbands. The study reveals that they are those that show a moderate socio-economic affluence compared to other age categories. This is justified by the fact that 62% of them own their homes, and can also count on the help they receive from their children who are already responsible.

Judging from the foregoing, it turns out that the experience of widowhood or the duration of widowhood is an (addictive) constructor element to the apparent socio-economic and moral stability of the widow.

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